Trainers price rise really?


This offer has been £9.99 since it came out , are you really that hard up you had to raise the price?

This stage of game prices should be lowered.


Be 15 quid by next week… scopes must be planning Christmas party early

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It’s 10.49 for me… get 50p discount.


Yea IPhone , Android & Kindle all have dif prices why I hate I’m on iPhone I have to pay £99.99 for 10k coins but when I tried the game out on kindle 10k coins was £75 , worst part is you can’t log in to your iPhone account on kindle or android but you can login to kindle if your on android so their a legit legal way for android users to get cheaper coins.


I noticed this right away also…i guess i just won’t buy it.


The solution is to not buy it.


Well done scopes…I’m much less likely to buy it now that it’s more expensive.
Now had you made It less expensive, It would be more likely that I would buy it.


Thank you for listening to us about the raise


That’s funny. Mine dropped back to $9.99 this morning too after being $10.99 all weekend. No one must have been buying it after they raised it a $1.

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Same here…so i bought them…maybe it was a tactic to lure us in?

It worked!

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