Trainers in League Store (Prices)

Bronze: Burts — 300-500 League points Max slot: 5
Silver: Bradys — 800-1000 Max Slot: 3
Gold: Basil — 1500 - 2000 Max slot: 2
Platinum: Benedict — 4500 - 5000 Max slot: 1


No. No. Just no…

The only thing that should be in platinum are Liliths and Ulysses. Bennys in the gold, basil in silver and Brady in bronze. Burts are garbage.


I’m being realistic with the prices. Scopely would never let Ulysses or Liliths on the store unless you pay real money.

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You can gain Liliths in the world map for free. Of you are lucky… Letting 1 Lilith and 1 Ulysses one time every 6 days would not kill them.

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Oh come on. Who would pay 350 coins for just a Lilith?
Also, They already give them on tournaments as record prizes but it’s mostly impossible to get them as a F2P. People have to pay a little extra to get them.


It should be:
Bronze: Brady x10
Silver: Basil x5
Gold: Bene x2-3
Platinum: Lilith and Ulysess x1

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Yes it would hurt them, well to them, to them 1 lilth or ulysess for free is 1 less you might buy, every chance to pinch pennys is taken

They offer lilth and uylisess in fac assault store and adens in the survival road why would it be so far fetched to ask for them in league store?

And there in lies the problem…

I’ll take gold medals in league store over trainers barely any events give any it’s a snails pace to get to 300

What he said and Liliths and Ulysses for the same price of a gold mod and with the same amount of 3 in there

waste of points

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