Trainer update rebooting

Do I need to update again the trainer update is sending my game into a reboot and it keeps going through the same sequence of learning how to use the new trainers

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Once youve done the demo, upgrade a toon. Worked for me

Why two threads?

Same I getting this too, someone help us?

me too, come on, what is more predictable scopely having a glitchy update or a covid second wave?

Also getting the loop bug, tried to upgrade a toon, but kicks me out at soon as the screen loads from exiting the tutorial. Also tried clearing my cache

Which OS your phone’s running?

Follow the other thread. @TayTron will most likely chime in with updates latee

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Many people have fixed themselves by following some troubleshooting steps.


Give it a try.

One player (in the thread I quoted TayTron in) commented that quickly levelling another toon after the tutorial broke the loop.
If this fails too, go walk the dog or talk to your family, come back later - hopefully will be fixed

Intro to roster-upgrade rick-restart-repeat


Worked for me without issues. Tried force stop and restart?

Managed to break the loop by levelling a toon

Would if I could - crashes & restarts instantly after!

Yep getting this too, tried force stop and reinstall twice still same problem, help.

Same here. Just loops back aftet crashing

Same issue. Do not have time to level a toon up, crashes as soon as tutorial is over and I close it. Goes straight to characters screen and pow… Crash. This is crap. Testing should have shown this issue… So wtf

Hey all,

We’re aware of this issue and are currently working to correct it. I’ll provide an update as more information becomes available. Thanks for your patience

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be sure to send us all 100 bennys for our troubles :wink:

Edited, had to restart