Trainer roadmap

350 coins for an s9++ chance at a lilith? If you want uto end the game, just say so.


they have no shame … dirty #########

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This won’t end the game. Don’t be so dramatic.

They are just trying new things. Best way to show your displeasure is not engage with it. If they don’t get the revenue they won’t maintain the idea


True enough. Good point.

Still, ah, never mind.


And I didn’t mean “this” would end the game. It just strikes me as a deliberate way of disrespecting the players trying to get us to leave.


Fair enough. Lots of people take things as signs the game is ending, but there are things like the quality of recent ascendables (effort which earn Scopley very little direct revenue) that makes me feel that continuity of the game is Scopley’s aim.

Second part of my response stands. If these maps persist it’s because whales gonna’ whale

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Has anyone done the map? Was wondering if more trainers dropped and what the difficulty was like. Not that I plan on doing it, was just wondering what kind of trickery was being enacted.

You know you don’t have to do the map, right?


Seriously? You take away coins from leagues. Then you take away Lilith from SR. Then you put up a roadmap and want to charge us 350 coins for a pittance of low-level trainers and a single Lilith and if that’s not enough you made it S9++ w/ no items in the hopes that someone fails and has to spend even more coins.

Shameless. :rofl:


This must be the big plans that were coming JB referenced to lol

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Omg, the following post(picture) was removed.
Really? Why? I didn’t even swear this time and it was meant to be humorous…

Anyway, the end is NEAR!!!

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Has anyone actually done this map? Do you have to pay the coins everytime you run it? Does it keep dropping if you rerun?

i did the first part and no trainers are not dropping. Guess they dont want someone getting 6000 liliths and basils

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