Trainer roadmap should been for ARs

I don’t really want to grind for Burts, Basills. Leveling a 6* AR is tedious enough unless you spend cash.

:thinking:how does spending male leveling a 6* less tedious, I have yet to see many whales drop cash just to get trainers. Especially when you can just cook survivors to gets burts.

I haven’t seen Lilith or Aden’s drop from training. It takes weeks just to get enough of them to upgrade a 6* AR.

Or you can just go for milestones, and go high enough to get them in rewards, or even better yet farm them off of 25.8, I dont have a lack of lilths here :man_shrugging:

It would fine if I had enough to meet the 2m milestones. I farm maps but drops rates suck.

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