Trainer/character drop rates


Please take to the team this request-

Please increase the drop rates for trainers - Lilith on down to Phoebe and all those in between- on both world map levels and from training grounds. There are level up events daily, it seems, but without trainers and gear, its pointless. I know there are bags and offers, but the blatant cash grab needs to be balanced out a bit.

Just tick up the drop rate. I will spend on world cans before I will spend on a dumb offer bag with one trainer and some deluxe replenish. You do realize that there are healer cards in play, and revives, so the replenish and revive items are not rewards of any kind…

Sincerely EVERYONE who plays this game.

not everyone*

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Mostly everyone…

So, to be clear here, you are stating that you don’t want Lilith to drop on world stages more often?


You should really check out the “View Offers” feature.
It should solve most of your requests.

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Thanks Captain Obvious, I will look at them again and think the same thing.
The offers are there, and ever prevalent, but increased drop rates help too.

I truly value your opinion. Please, continue…

Yep… $130 plus 500 coins for trainers and a chance at gear. That’s what is in the offers.

Increased drop rates versus $130 expense?

Doesn’t solve a single request. But thanks again for pointing me in that direction. Very Scopely-esque


at least you get the state of game design.

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