Trainer ascension

Here’s in idea for your brain holes

Many people save Benedict’s for ascension fodder now so how about another way to get them.
Costing 10000 medals per star (ex. 4*-5* would cost 50000 medals) you could use 8 4* trainers for one 5* trainer.

Another idea: one of every persona trainer (not including legends) plus one extra trainer creates an Aden for somewhere between 25k-35k medals

One last idea: using eight characters of the same persona grants on trainer of that persona for 5000-10000 medals.
Alternative: eight 2* characters ascends into one 2* trainer for 500-1000 medals, then eights 2* trainers creates any skill trainer (persona & active skills) with small chance (5%) for either Ulysses or Aden for 1k-5k medals.

That’s all I got, let the debate commence


This. Might as well make a 5* character that you can use for LU points too.

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+1 i just think 8 random trait trainers should be ok too. It would mane a lillith or aden

You want this even with the lack of medals? The map of medals is a drop in the bucket of what is needed. I also did the match on this once and it’s outrageous the amount of trainers you would need to ascend to 8 Benedict’s