Traditional gaming

Scopely please bring back the fun by including gold coins in tournaments. Gold coins = more fun. more pulls. Itll be like rpgs of the past, super fun.

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1st get 1500 coins, 2nd 1250, 3rd 1000 and rest 10 coins only. You know it in your heart if such events comes? That would be the reward structure

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Get in there and fight for those 10 coins.


The reason they don’t do that is players that win are often spending greater value than the prize to do so. It’s the same reason a casino makes you buy chips. The betting pangs are less when it’s a piece of plastic vs 100 bills


I would rather get the latest toon available as a 6 star but coins r kewl too.

This is a good idea free zone, please refrain from posting good ideas to the forums. We can’t find a way to make fun of it.

Always a pleasure to hear from you high power even if you are trolling me. Post a picture of your team pls.

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Pictures of my team? You are the first to ask that, and you shall receive :wink:

I’m joking, here’s my actual melee and ranged team

You play without mods? This I do not believe.

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Uhm yes very nice. Hope you dont move into my region. Very hard getting people to quit to better my rank, jk. ;(

The green numbers mean mods are equipped

You’ve got one without any mods

Dont worry im sure shell eventually get some

better than the levelup stuff now, atkeast the coins could go towards something for everyone

If they put coins in tournaments they would make sure it costs more to actually compete in it than you could win… :rofl:


Ummm the carley doesn’t have any mods. You know, the green number you are so patronising about is a big fat zero.

I accept your apology. And your gratitude.

What are you on about with the zeros and the patronizing?

I don’t know how to circle it. Your carley says zero out of 5 mods. It’s white not blue. I don’t understand why you can’t see it on your screenshot.

Yeah, I know that, I put her mods onto my blue Maggie. The rest have mods on them though