Trading within factions

Can we have a way to send items to our faction members to help each other out


I actually have that feature. Needed just a little adjustment of the selling stuff mechanics. The ones with a rooted device in my fac enjoy it as well.

Right. Of courrrrze u do


Trading in faction not a good idea people will just jump faction to faction trading if you do that have to make a rule like you have to both be in same faction for a month to trade without leaving

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That‘s wrong. Lots of games have trading posts or offer the posting of wishlists for players to gift to one another. It‘s Apple approved.

I’m expecting this will be taken to consideration eventually since dash isn’t around to say it could be exploited (like every aspect of the game isn’t). Soon. Almost.

just donate a gift card?

I agree the strong will become God’s and it will drive away new players to the app I’m all for trading but I think you should give us 3 trades a year or something like that. That way they make money and keeps us happier to win win what you guys think.

This will never happen, it’s a horrible idea and has unfair consequences. Trading won’t be taken to the team

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That will disbalance game blah blah, hand me that pancake

I’m just saying not a good idea I have 3 accounts in same region plus my girl accounts so this account will become s5 quick my main is s5+