Trading Store - Could you make a players trading store or function for characters

Could you look into starting a trading store.

Make it players have to be a certain player level before they can access it. E.g. 50 or 100 or so forth. Or finish the world map stages.

Let us trade characters in return for items, weapons, trainers and coins. People will still need to buy these resources or purchase membership to get ahold of what they need for trades. It would allow people to get rid of their duplicate characters. Would give others opportunities to get ahold of characters they never would have before.

Right now people could have bought 4* for the roadmap event. Most people dont retain them.

Even if you made people could only trade 5* (including ascendables) and below that way S Class Characters would have to go through your collections.

It would make the game lots more fun because you could get the collections in the museum completed.

It would also draw alot more players to stay on the game I think.

See what others think. It’d be a major selling point for the game.

Would help with your ascendance quests too. Not many people have 5 ascensions worth of characters lying around.


no it would be abused by vk users flooding the market



And sure. But there should be something, most games have a trading system. There should be one. It make the game so much better.

As for multiple accounts people do it anyways. So don’t see what difference that’ll make.

I don’t see that working, so I have a Priya collect my cakes collection then pass her to someone else, they collect then pass her

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I havent seen any mobile games that allow trading bartering.

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And here we go again. This has been suggested so Increditable many times I stopped counting. It’s never going to happen, because it would…

  1. Lower Scopelys Revenue

  2. Be Exploitable Very Easy

  3. Kinda Break the Progression System


NBA Live Mobile has a Auction House where people can put most cards up for sale and others place bids to get a hold on them or buy them upright if they have the coins. It’s a nice way to earn money towards pack needed for events or for people to get players they need for playstyle bonuses, bench boosts, or just a better player.

Hmmm… you know what? I hope this idea is not implemented. NBA Live wasn’t the most perfect game. But compared to this? Much more fairer.

I read that it is no longer seller to buyer and you sell to brokers ie the game.

Technically speaking we already have it it’s called the supply depot you trade in your useless toons for markers and you can buy a couple different trainers, some 5*s and a few different weapons plus refills…and I know why it’s overlooked it’s garbage right now it definitely needs an update to include more ascendables, s class shards, armory tokens etc

But even so it won’t radically change the game it won’t make it more fun and it won’t keep people from quitting there’s a lot more problems with this game aside from the shitty supply depot

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In Jurassic tribes and tap tap you can give your faction mates, food, gear, and material. I think if it was a faction only implementation it would work. But not just a big swap meet. Ppl would get greedy and who would police what was fair? Itd be too much chaos otherwise.

I interpreted what he was saying as like a trade in kinda thing not a live service store like a swap meet…that would be a complete disaster it sounds good on paper but Scopely can never put anything out without it being a bugged mess

Hayday does

Yeah. In faction trading or transporting to faction mates like medals, gear, food, ECT. Even cards, would be handy. But not just a store where everyone could trade. I could get behind a in faction trade cause I see it work in other games. But I’ve never seen a game let you swap anyone a straight out character. Maybe something like there doing with the cake only without the cake, just trade in said characters for a choice of 4 other ascendable or something maybe. But ultimately your right, it would add complication to a already bugged game and Scopley would mess it up. Lol

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