Trading multiple 5* ascendables


Will this ever be thought of? I have multi of most of the f2p characters and some off the premiere wheel and have no use for. I would use them as fodder but I have a steady supply of rubbish 5*’s from my tokens that I only use when I need the fodder and when I’m out of benny’s.

But I ask. If some have a need for ones that I myself and I am sure most others do as well. Would it be possible to trade with people. I for one do not have a mirabelle or a blue yumiko( have no need for them, but want them to try them out to make possible alternate teams) would like to be able to trade so I can get rid of my 6 shivas and 20+ of the ones I have multis of.

Could this be considered at one point? @JB.Scopely


Reason gets brought up once a week here and it won’t rver happen. It’s against Apple TOS, as well as it’s an easy avenue for people to make money buy selling toons online. Because there is so much grey area and so many ways this can be abused it’s best to keep trading out of the game


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