Trading items for coins or other items

It would be very exciting if this added to the black market when u can trade extra cards, toons, weapons, and other items like gear and weapon part for either coins, other items or a special currency, I’ve seen many games that has this feature already, we should have more freedom of how we choose how to use our items since u either grinded hard or spent for them, so u technically own them within the game, it is within our right to decide what to do with them, and it is not against tos to sell within the game, so this should be seriously put into consideration for next update

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You do not actually own them. And I think you have made that a point in the past. So good luck with your quest.

You don’t own any items (the ToS explicitly states this - you are just getting access to Scopely’s property) and selling any virtual items is strictly against the ToS too…

But having a trade in would be OK as long as it would prevent abuse - i.e. trade in a high value item (that you don’t need as you have too mucj of it already) to gain a low value item (that you might need for specific missions or as materials for crafting, XP for levelling etc).

So nothing should trade for coins and if you trade S-class cards, you will not get any cards or diamonds either.

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