Trading/gifting mechanic?

This would be an incredibly useful feature to have, even if it’s just between faction members. Say a faction mate of yours is in desperate need of hardhats or another item needed for upgrading toons and you have a sizable surplus of them. Wouldn’t you like to be able to trade some for an item or items you need, or even gift them outright? Or you’re seemingly unable to get that specific toon you want while a faction mate has multiple of him/her. Wouldn’t you like that player to be able trade for or gift you one of them?

Come on, Scopely, I think it would be a huge hit among players!

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Can’t do it. Why not? Because of cheaters and profit margins.

Create dummy account. Hack coins, buy crap from vk, etc. Then join faction and “gift” the items, weapons, and toons you got from cheating and then delete the dummy account. Now your main account has all the illegal stuff but it’s been cleaned kinda like money laundering.

I would love to be able to trade but it will never happen. It would also put a damper on Scopes ability to make money so there is probably the main reason. Why pay an insane amount of money on a “deal” when your faction mate can give it to you for free? Not profitable. Not happening.


I agree, this idea will never happen and should be shutdown.

Agree - trading is very difficult to implement due to rampant cheating that will occur - best to avoid it. Better to implement a NPC where you can sell items for credit and buy the items you need - restricted to swapping GPS-Canteen, Hockey Mask-Whetstone etc.

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