Trading characters?


I think we should be able to trade or gift characters. I get so many of the same pulls. Instead of selling them I could gift them to new players, or trade them for a character I don’t already have.


VK would become 1000 times more popular, never going to happen without serious restrictions






“Should not”, telling us what we shouldn’t do, we could still do it.


They could do it with certain restrictions to prevent abuse. They would never do it though because it would hurt their revenue.


no thanks… it takes one whale to make a faction unbeatable like that…


Restrictions on trading could be that you have to be in a faction for at least 6 months before you are allowed to trade within that faction and also scopely could charge a fee for each trade


and those factions that kick people to take another in for war because someone goes on vacation or something? No, this will not work, this will never work. I don’t see the need for a trading system either. Trading gives not the same enjoyment as finally getting the pull you wanted.


Yep good point


The best trading feature Scopely would give you is allow you and your faction mates to send each other food and material. Bet.


I think trading isnt a problem if there is a currency and not a free gift-market. If player A wants to trade a toon with player B one (or both) had to sell trading-coins.

example: Player A wants to trade a toon and set it for offer and have to use 10.000 trading-coins. Player B buys the toon for 50.000 traiding-coins. Player B has the toon and the coins are dumped.


Can’t see this working. People would always find a way to abuse it. And we can’t forget VK is a thing. So, if that was to be implemented, I would call curtains on this game.


Why so scared? You mean this would make some Players unbeatable strong and their faction, too. Tell me more about a condition we already have.


In the current state of the game, nobody’s unbeatable. Some times may take a little more time, but in the end, everyone falls the same.

Having the power to trade characters, would take away the whole feeling of finally getting the character you want to complete your attack team or defence team.

Many whales and above average spenders would start buying those accounts who got lucky pulls and turn them into super accounts. You would be able to merge someone else’s account to your own. Setup various accounts on the same server and try your luck at the wheel, then trade to your main account what you want. The ways to abuse this method are endless. In the end it would hurt Scopely’s revenue and that’s the main reason this would never happen.

Let’s add VK to the mix. They have ways to get unlimited coins. So, they would be back in the market selling Premier Recruits. They pull for the promo character, charge you a fee for the trade, which by all accounts would be lesser than trying your luck on the wheel.

I don’t remember many games implementing that system of trades. The games that do allow trades, they do it as an auction. Meaning you put the character on the market and everyone can try and buy it. Could be wrong though. But I can’t quite remember any MMO that let’s you direct trade characters. Weapons and items, yup. Characters, no.


this is one of the best arguments against it.

The rest is possible to prevent with good restrictions, only one trade in a month (for example) and all problems are gone.


Trading will never happen. If they ever release a trade feature all regions would be infested with a blackmarket from VK, where you would pay(outside of the game) for someone to trade a good toon for any crap you have. And you would never be banned that way.

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