Trading characters

Maybe try a trading characters option with other players that have double or want to trade it . I think this would be awesome

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You realize how gamebreaking that idea is, right? And there was another post like this a few weeks ago that was essentially the same thing but with tokens, coins, trainers and all that.

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Yeah, anybody would be able to create duplicate accounts to do this. It’d be bad.

Wow a thought no one has thought of or posted before. Bravo /s

They could Scopley it up. Make trading need some type of currency (like museum points) to trade to make it more tedious for cheaters. I think eventually they should add trading

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Unfortunately trading purchasable items is against Apple’s terms of service for game developers, so we won’t be seeing this feature any time soon.

Yep, this was my Idea a few weeks ago. But somethink like a curreny… I don’t know.
It should have a rarity limit. Someone gives you a 4*, you only can give a 4* back or so

Too many hackers would abuse it and chaos would ensue.


This has been suggested since the early days of the game.

Too easy to exploit.

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