Trading Cards in Black Market

Could we bring this feature back?

Lot of players have cards they don’t need (looking at you Pete), being able to trade cards for another one was a really nice feature when it premiered a couple weeks ago. Please bring it back and increase the limit please. Thank you.


It was compensation

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Compensation or not. Bringing it back is the most logical thing to do to satisfy the copious amounts of people with useless fkn Pete cards. Bring it back :+1:



I have enough Priya cards to make another S class. Too bad I already have 2

nd why cant we get more then 2 of the same sclass

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Yes please!! This needs to be a Permanent feature. I never got a chance to trade my cards in as the idiots decided to make the font and pictures ■■■■■■■ ant sized :rofl:

Most of the s class you can get the second one except Pete. So Pete cards are the worst. At least let us change them or give an option to obtain the second one. Lots of people have almost enough cards to claim second Pete

I had an extra 20k damn Blue Keys, I could’ve claimed 3 Pete’s! But nope they just sit in inventory collecting dust.

It’s some sort of punishment for those who pulls for toons like Priya and Sarah when they were in premium wheel just to get them faster now they end up with a huge amount of useless cards after claiming 2 S classes of the same toon .
Especially since scopley keep giving the same shity toons cards in tournaments rewards

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