Trading 6 stars

They should add a feature to trade 6 stars to make it easier to get the 6 star you want without paying maybe it could be tied to the characters role or trait and to not make it overpowered it could cost legendary medals and have to be a max level and tier six star for a min level and tier ascendable 5 star of your choosing.

Are you insane bro :joy::joy::joy: you just be new


ill add to this topic… scopely should give us one toon to choose from every day. i choose wayland today, gabriel tomorrow…

I’ll trade yellow Morgan for yellow ty please lmao

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if anything trading 3 stars would cost you 1000 coins so trading 6 stars between players the cost would be 10 k coins i crunched the numbers with scopes maximize profit minimize balance method

ill trade 2x3☆ katja shield for 6☆ jesus shield, because 2x3=6, :rofl:


I see no way to abuse this whatsoever (sarcasm, inb4 but muh worthless 6 stars)

I said that you can only trade max level 6 stars for min level ascendables and that it costs legendary medals that seems like a good way to prevent abuse to me

If there’s a will, there’s a way. People will find a way to abuse that system (example: maxing out a Joshua or Harlan to then use as a transfer token and they can pay for minimum level Mackenzie or Lydia)

Bad idea…


You must be delusional if you think they would ever allow this.

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Yea op how dare you use the forums as intended! How dare you make a suggestion! Lol the people are these forums i swear :rofl: like chill tf people op was making a suggestion


A…suggestion? Here at Scopely and RTS forums, we don’t believe in that whole “opinion” thing, we all work on a hive mind that has one big collective memory. “Opinions” and “suggestions” don’t exist, only money.


I say it’s a good idea. I would trade my dupes for my faction mate dupes that I don’t have. What’s wrong with that? After all this is just an interactive card game.

Konami didn’t stop people from trading yu-hi-oh cards and they never will. So why say no to this card game?

Is everyone against this idea, that obtuse??

Obtuse? It’s bad enough fighting factions where everyone has dozens of premiums, and you think it will be better to allow trading? The only people who benefit from this are the whales and their friends. Ain’t nobody gonna trade me anything worthwhile for my Barker.


Konami didn’t stop people from trading yu-hi-oh cards and they never will

um yugioh is a “TRADING CARD GAME” its in the god damn titile SMH

Also they don’t allow trading in their mobile game Duel Links, so they technically have stopped people from trading.

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Randomly someone for the trade idea. Not good idea at all you ready to see s7 player with 1k rep with like no raids this would be a hackers dream. I’ll trade in noob in my faction a whole 6* team

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also maybe trade in old toons for new toons like carl for lydia

They wouldn’t do that for a bunch of reasons, one being that it would violate the App Store terms of service.

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Why not do a search before you make the thousandth post about the same thing?