Trader Teams, Mods, and Weapon

I don’t know if there’s a thread already, just wanna ask.
Suggestions on a good Defense Team with The Trader.
What would be the best mods and weapon for him? Thank you.

The current cookie cutter Trader defence is: Pete, Frost, Shiva, Trader, Princess. It’s pretty effective but there are better teams and versions. I run a slightly different team that I’d already been building towards before Trader came out and he quite nicely replaced Princess.

This is my Trader weapons and mods. I don’t particularly find he need the extra boost of plat mods personally since they have more chance of benefitting other toons if they are resists and he already has crazy high def and hp (and I’m not that short of Plat mods):

In the def team I already have a +10% def for each red for every teammate on the team or else that might be a better 4th slot.


I got 50%Def,Hughe AP when taking damage, Slot 3 Infection and Slot 4 is Cleanse.
HP Set with HP/Def, Defense vs tough, reflect dmg and Resi Heal Reduction and Resi Bleed. I play in 1A Region. Here is Resi HR and Bleed must have in Trader bc all the Infection Offs with Wangfa. And all over the place Mr Lui has floated. His T1 Bleed, mostly 2 Luis are absolut deadly. A few weeks ago i played in 1B there i use Daze and Taunt Resi.

50% def, huge while attacking, infection, cleanse
Unleveled active skill

Why huge on attack…huge on def i would understand cause he doesn’t makes basic attack :man_shrugging:

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Why not active skill jacky pro? :thinking:

To make him pop t1 :grin:

Funny, I’d think that with the Trauma change to trigger on resisting any negative status effect, the big guys in 1A would all obtain Trauma resists

I’m actually looking for a screenshot of Trader’s weapon with:

infect 25%


There you go


There is no toon to effectively use trauma with right now

I use 3 different traders but this one is my most useful. Weqpon is this

And the teams vary but recently ive been using him with jaki rick and 2x tanya. Seems to work better than 2 traders.

When i first showed this trader weapon most people didnt understand and said it was a noob move lol. But it turned out quite useful despite what other people say

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Cleanse is the best 4th slot option for Trader.

Thanks much for this

Cleanse on Trader is one of those things that doesn’t ‘feel right’ to me. Granted, I don’t have Trader so I can’t really say based on experience, but I don’t care for weapons that work against the mods/kits.

Like, AP gain when getting hit on a toon with absdef. 1/3 of the time, absdef is going to block the AP gain, do they really go together? You’re getting 2/3 the benefit of that AP gain craft instead of 100%. Or, putting an ‘attack up when taunted’ mod along with a taunt resist. Seems to me if Trader is resisting half of all the status effects, cleanse is only half as effective on him as it could be. But hey, people who’ve played with it say it’s good, so maybe it’s a ‘belt and suspenders’ kind of thing.

Can you show how me pops turn 1? I had to use 3 8%, is there any easier way?

I see it as, if trader can still get status effects, why not add a self repair option on top of whatever 2 resist mods you decide on. Say I land def down on him. If he cleanses that the next turn…makes him even more frustrating.

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Yep, that’s exactly the point. If your trader is going to be tanky as hell, then you don’t need his 4th slot to buff your team with 15/35 or alert defense or what not… Make him immune to two most dangerous control methods (you take your pick, I’d see them as stun (because stunned trader doesn’t infect when hit) and taunt (most common control method right now in my wave2) and have him cleanse the rest - especially normalize you can’t mod against…

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So I did +def, huge bonus when taking damage and retain the 3rd slot. Is that still ok? On the 4th slot, I could get Cleanse.