Trader ninja nerf

No ninja hiding from my eyes, his weapon is now when attacking instead of when being attacked. I dont have him so I didnt have a pre nerf ss to show.

What the… mine still has the old weapon, but the museum collection shows when attacking also

Current promo also has when attacking, this is speculation but I think if you pull his 5 or 6* now it might not count towards the s class…

Edit: nvm since the museum one also got changed

What his weapon was before. I grabbed the screen shot from a line chat where it was 1st shared.

Well, this is interesting. Intentional or yet another bug?

Visual error with museum/promo. They should fix it before the “false advertising” claims come in.

In-game Trader weapon still works as originally intended.


Nope it doesnt, I noticed after using trader in arena where i attacked with him because priya daze me. And was a bit confused when I thought I saw a infected symbol pop up. After trying again the enemy did indeed get infected after I attacked with trader. I know for sure because it was the 25%, not the 15% and he was not targetted either because I shielded with Frost.

Did you use a Trader you already had? Because it seems everyone who had the Trader still have the “when being attacked” on their weapon. But after the promo it changed

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I got the Trader before this promo.

Yea those who had him already dont seem to have theirs changed

Edit: this one is a new trader

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It was actually not a visual issue for the newer traders, but anyways. This is not an intended change, we are working on a resolution now. Coming straight from discord


So what you are saying is that the community caught this little nerf stunt and is calling it out.

Big news when an OP toon is acknowledged to be OP in this game.

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Yea only the people that have that op toon

He was changed back, though, and everyone with the wrong weapon has the right one now.

If you’re affected, and it hasn’t been fixed, contact support. If you’re not affected, then there’s nothing to be upset about.


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