Trader in road map choice box

Trader got added. Don’t know if there’s a thread about this. Searched. Didnt see one. If so, feel free to remove.


Isn’t it his turn to move in?

I don’t know the promo calendar. I’m still on Mercer being new


Trader bad.

Trader sux


Awesome…i dont have to wait for wars to get him

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Trader was released in may just after Alpha so the guy is the next one on the list :+1:t2:

This is good and bad news at the same time :sweat_smile:


This totally, love it that I have him but really really don’t want everyone having him, yes I know selfish MF😂


This is the case with alot of op toons. It’s super nice f2p have access and I love having them but that also means that a large number of teams I face will as well :joy:


:+1::+1::+1: Weiter so

I glad he added… managed to get a 6* from war and well on way for 2nd so this welcome addition…

As a 6* he still good in right team…

means race on now to get my last rick cards an realy focus on trader then

I know that one day, I will face a team that is just 4 s class traders and Pete.

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Should be not Problem after everybody got Kenny


Very Izzi pizzi.

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I’ve already seen it haha

It’s good as in at a certain point you’ll be able to telegraph the teams, have to actually be creative lower but you’ll know for sure a trader will be on the team. More available to me means, they’re about to annihilate trader with a nuke lol

Which would be a pretty useless team, IMO. Replace one Trader with Wangfa and we’re talking :wink:

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I’m terrified of wangfa

Mmmm… wangfa and 2 s class traders… that’s just fun.

I’m so close to that team lol

It means scopley is going to release a toon which will make trader useless simple…