Trader cards removed from onslaught

Always the mundane, the removing stuff and nerving of everything, by the time peeps started griding trader cards considering the tiny amount given in war and missing daily in roadmap, they also removed 20 cards which is a very small amount but still thought that is so much and just removed it

Am not sure but I think they never gave trader cards in onslaught reward box , do they !


They did last time, make no sense removing it after already being implemented

Nah, that box is the same as last onslaught’s. I still have mine unopened. Trader was in war boxes


Well they removed the blitz war, we normally should had blitz Monday and crw in the weekend

No blitzes were planned this Monday :man_shrugging:t2:


In the 6 weeks of “Total War” we had 2 Monday blitz wars and 1 Friday blitz along with 2 weekend CRW. Can’t really call anything normal based on that and regular blitz outside of “Total War” have been few and far between. I only see 1 blitz on the calendar since May that wasn’t part of “Total War”




Yes, they did. I was grabbing 30 each box during the last onslaught.

Maybe I am remembering incorrectly, but I was pretty certain he was in war and onslaught boxes. I haven’t made any purchases, and getting milestones in each of those means that I was able to get two 5 star Traders…I was hoping to have the cards continue because even with them dropping another 6k is going to take a while.

Can always check that which should not be named to check the rewards for previous onslaughts

Trader has never been in onslaught. He’ll only be in onslaught after he’s been given as 50 cards in war boxes.

Devs confirmed (At least for now) that when cards rotate out of war box, they will appear in onslaught. Eg: war boxes had 50 quantity of Rick/Mateo cards initially. They rotated out to 20 cards in onslaught now.

Friends, I like to be very partial and fair, for those who wonder that if they gave trader letters in the onslaught boxes, the answer is NO, I remember clearly because I complained a lot about the last onslaught that there were at least letters missing until trader, it is incredible how up to now these outdated boxes continue to present.

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