Trader back on wheel

Just before new promo, only for 48 hours and a big deal made it…

Promo is counter?!? Could it be any more obvious. Now the thing is I’m still thinking of spending most of my 5k coins I’ve saved as very few in my tehmgion get the promos.


or trader is the poster boy right now. everybody wants a trader


I have 3, he cones in handy

Time to spend spend spend. Smh

With the way Trader and Mateo are getting pushed out the door, I don’t think it would be wise to invest

Anyone know if Trader and the new promo will run together this week? I’ve been saving my coins and itching to do a pull.

It feels like Trader is one of those types that will retain its value. Thoughts?

Also when they say back on the wheel, do they mean double chances for the actual toon? or normal (shitty) odds for his cards?

Edit: thanks for the response. Wheel is up and it doesn’t have double chances. Just a last chance to get more cards.

yes please! we need more Traders!!

I think that some whale still have only one of them :pensive:


New promo pushed back to Friday. So probably won’t run at same time

I guess after dr Stevens, trader is the most popular character in the game,almost every body at least have one , two or three of him for the spenders…its suspicious when before Trader they put a hold on Minerva, and Mateo was forgotten, now all the incentive for Mateo and Trader …uh why is that you may ask, knowing scopely I think something else is coming, either mods or new characters to counter infection.

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Trader has pretty much ruined my game experience.


I think Trader is one of those toons that will have longevity, even if they release an infection counter this week, Trader will be unstoppable on human road maps, and in human SR stages, at the very least, even if a hard counter is released, it will be months before the main player base gets it.

If I had 5K coins, and was not working towards anything else, then I would be throwing down on the Trader.


Time to milk more survivors…unload ur stash on this wheel

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So excited to get my 4th.

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Isn’t obvious here .
Bleu Marcus is the next promo
A heavy damage dealer . Better than Priya and his weapon is already on the wheel

Trader sucks

Is there a vk image of the new toon coming out

I’ve been asked by ppl in my region if it’s going to be 2× chances or the usual 1× chance? @TayTron

I wanted to let ppl know beforehand if I could.

i say hold out til trader wheel is almost up… VK will most likely post new upcoming promo atleast few hours before

Scoples going to make a bunch of :moneybag::credit_card::money_with_wings: tonight.