Trader auto attack teams

Let’s see your trader auto attack teams. Is a second trader or Mateo better to go for next? Would axel fit?

I’m using Mercer doc Priya princess trader currently, while I level wangfa and Pete. No rampage yet, but I can auto and hit 150k fairly quickly

I use 2 traders mateo wangfa behind pete. it’s a lazy team pretty much garuntees the win but to slow to use in war

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Axel won’t do anything for trader teams


Some ppl say 6 Star Trader works for attack but he has a CD of 1 turn his active and there are too much Blue Metha Off Chars. And on Def too. So the 6 star is pretty good target to get a one shot kill from Princess, Priya or Mercer. I own 1 Trader and 7600 Cards ca. I did not use the 6 Star on Attack or Def. It’s worth less and so i don’t have to waste Lil and Uly on him. My Infection Off is Wangfa Lead, Mateo, Frost, Rick and Princess all S Class. That works pretty well on Auto, but it needs 4-5 Rounds. And if i face Mercer i change Lead to Mercer…
Anyway if i would have the S Class of Trader i still would use Mateo on Attack. His Infection paired with Wangfa Heal Reduction is pretty effective. The only upside on Trader would be here his Resiliant but on Off you can Control the criwd anyway… So no i do not like him on Attack and have no idea for a good Trader Autoplay Teams.
But if you want to build up an attack Auto Team with him. I think Axel would be a great Lead for Auto Attack Trader Teams, you still need Wangfa and He would not benefit from his Lead Bonus but his AS can let rush Trader easy T2 and you can use it agn Mercer Defs too. Something like Axel, Trader, Wangfa, Command plus X would be the Deal here

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Beats every team in the game even 5 Traders :joy:


That team looks boring af to use. Just sit there and wait for your enemies to just fall over themselves. Sad thats what this game is now


Not saying that’s what I use every fight, T1 T2 teams are more fun but unreliable for me🤗

Agreed 100% it is the most boring team ever, and I hate using it🤗


Have same team . Not funny at all i agree

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I only have a 6* trader… But here are my two main atk teams right now…

I don’t suggest using axel nd trader in attacks team as axel provides absolutely no benefit to trader
His attack buff is useless for trader
His active skill again not only useless but counterproductive as traderbrush in attack does virtually nothing

Anyway not use Trader on Attack. It’s So lame!! Was only if when using him on attack Szenario to Support his rush fast without using Doc Stevens

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