Trade in your blue keys

So are we only gonna get the option of these trade ins because I am not mad just need to know to make my choice clear

Not enough options, not enough claims.

They should add these for cones and cakes as well. I’m still working toward S class pete but blue keys are now much harder to find than before.

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Bruhhh :'v

Why only keys for other things?
Why not cakes or cones for keys?
@GR.Scopely ?


Better than nothing at all. I wish we could have something with forgotten Romanov itens.


Yeah or Tye‘s collectibles when he was up in museum the first time during Pathway event.

Thank You scopely for that! But i have over 4K Keys and sclass pete. Shame i can take only twice this offer

Why isn’t there Bullets? Raulito is my focus currently… Eh Laopo cakes it is.

You only can claim 2 anyway the equivalent of 500 that won’t get u anywhere lol I’m sitting on more than 4k keys

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Just saw this, I don’t have extra but find it funny that it’s only for 2, why even have a limit…

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Or the login toons we’re promised but never got

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I’m pretty sure its cause you can only get 1 Pete but you can get 2 s class priyas, laopos, henygens, etc

All good but some people (me too) still need some keys for him. I went for priya first. I have 1000 laopo cakes and i could trade them all even for 500 keys. Cones also for keys or even hengyen cakes.
I dont get it why scopely gave up so fast with blue keys.
Everything in this game is nonesnse :man_facepalming:t2:

I almost fell for it, lol.

@GR.Scopely Can you please increase the limit to at least 10 so people might be able to get the toon they want? Putting 500 collectibles in total is simply not enough.


It’s better then no option whatsoever

Thought u retired?

Just claim the 2 people. They are just being wasted anyway. Perhaps they will bring it back again later.

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Someone announced retiring but plays again? Its MJ!

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Thought you retired furry get off my thread

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