Trade in red velvet cakes

So you know how we can trade in blue keys for other s class collectable right? How cool would it be if we were able to trade in red velvet cakes for s class collectables. I know that this won’t happen, but just imagine…lol

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I’d image that a lot more people would have S class characters and everyone would be complaining how hard raids were. :thinking:


Isn’t that literally the purpose of red velvet cake? :thinking:


Yea if you are lucky or a damn whale and just so happen to have the premium toon. All these collections are made for the p2p. With the exception of the priya collection. Im a casual spender and still dont have a single s class other then the free ones given to us. Need more collectibles and relevent cake collections for the lower players

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Laopo collection next week.

(FWIW, I’m a former casual spender that has gone completely F2P since about PU, and I don’t even the free Sclass toons, by choice).

Cake is going to run out very soon if we get 200 every 2 weeks and spend 500 every three weeks.

The reason why raids are hard for people is because they don’t have Sclass to combat the Sclass. I have Laopo and now the vast majority are pretty damn easy. The Sclass benefit attack far more than defence imo.

Is this a fact? If so do you need Laopo maxed as Sclass? Be annoying if people who haven’t Sclassed her yet can get access to the collections since she’s a max 6 star but a player who has her Sclass tier 2 or 3 will get nothing… Like what happened with Priya.

Other way around, in my experience. Not having any Sclass toons makes raids easier, not harder, as most of your matches are around your best team grade. And now you take a carefully designed team with synergy, good weapons and good mods against often barely functional teams with Christa and Kapoor. Have to wait for war or maybe arena for actually fun fights, unless you can get a revenge in.

It’s the usual leak. So far, the accuracy has been very good, I’d trust it.
Collection shows T4L90 for both, same as with Priya; I don’t know if that actually means T4L90 or max.

Damn, I really really don’t want to open my bags of trainers/trainers in roster and clear out thousands of 2 stars in my TGs to max her to top of Sclass, especially since levelling an Sclass will lose you a level up. I’ve been saving them up to win a lvl up tournament not deliberately lose it to chase 500 collectables. Those players who have already had Laopo maxed at 6 star but now have her halfway through Sclass are effectively being punished for Sclassing her.

Guess I shouldn’t push to upgrade my Hyengen’s to Sclass either since he’ll be the next Sclass collection. Was really looking forward to Sclassing him.

Edit: tbf I highly doubt I have anywhere near enough trainers and 2 stars to max Laopo anyway so it’s a moot point.

I agree it’s not the best system. Would have been better if there was no 250 cake collection and the regular one worked like every other museum collection, so that everything you ever had in your roster counts.

I’d expect Raulito before Hengyen though. Will prepare to get both just in case (I have enogh choice boxes, just waiting to see if they will switch up the torunament rewards now that the laopo re-promo is here).

Lol I meant to say without the toons*. Was 2am when I was typing this :joy:

You asking for something they will never do, how about asking about something reasonable?

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