Toxic/Rude Behavior

Does support do anything about toxic or inappropriate behavior on the game? There’s currently a certain user that seems to misbehave and in general acts like a very disrespectful person every time they get on. Was hoping maybe support would do something about it. I understand there is a block button, but that only helps me out while they’re still in global chat causing havoc with new users and being a hassle.


No and get over it there block for a reason.

Hey man! Check out this link :blush:

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Thank you so much.

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So lame. Block and be done with it. What are you doing in gc if you get offended? And if this happens in your faction you’re in the wrong place. Also do take note that this game has a 16+ are restriction on Google play for language and user interaction. Everyone on here who makes use of any for of chat in the game has been offended or offended someone by now. I know that there’s instances of real vulgarity etc but as soon as those people realize they’re not getting the desired reactions they will stop and until then you can block them and it will happen naturally.


Made me lol

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Also I’d like to add, for scopely to take any actions on trolls and ignore the still at large cheaters will be ironic as fudge. Every solo level up minutes in we have a cheater with no less than 3 million of the bat. Game Gaurdian cheat to make 100kxp 999kxp. Rather devote your time into looking into this than wasting time on silly things that have a solution.

Agree with @Mr_Muffintop

That’s why games allow you to block players. You can block private messages and players in chats. The power is in your hands if you don’t care to deal with these players, silence them yourself.

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but it is normal considering that it is the apocalypse

Another one of these haha.

No problem!

I don’t think you guys quite understand what I am trying to get at here by making the post. Toxic and rude behavior in a new region where new players join can make them fed up with the disrespect and harassment and make them just turn around and uninstall. This particular user tried tricking new users into doing something really stupid, and this user also has been slandering other players and overall uses the global chat as a dumpster.

The block button shouldn’t have to be the only thing players have to resort to when encountering a childish, misbehaving player. It’s easier to block them, but they still have the ability to disrespect and bring hatred onto others that do not block or don’t know how to. There should be a limit on what’s all appropriate enough to say in global chat. and what is totally not needed.


There are a lot of people saying “just block them”. Why should they get blocked if there’s already a report button? They should be able to do something when you report someone. Don’t talk crap to someone who just wants to see something done about people and their behavior.


You lack dedication. Keep on surviving.

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A lot of people. Of course it’s a game, people actually care what others say.

I think that if someone feels the need to report someoje for the things theyve said, they should be able to do so without people being rude and hateful. Also in regards to the comment about game being 16+, i know the person OP is talking about and they are not even 16 yet. That said, you people are fcking hateful to people that try to help make a better experience for people on game. Y’all act like only a few people whine about this issue and that those people are essentially thin skinned and need to toughen up, when in fact this is a reoccuring complaint on forums and in game.

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We have all seen these trolls but regarding a limit, what sets that limit? Where’s the bar? If it’s anything like the bar we’ve seen on these forums it’s ridiculously inconsistent.

Block them or run interference if you want to make a better experience for players. Developers won’t do anything to moderate in game.