Town Extension and more Housing

So with the latest opening of world map and Player xp extention to lvl150. Wouldnt it make sense to open up more buildings and open up more of the town? I 5hink if we opened up more of the town and allowed more houses/armories or food/material storages i think that can benefit both f2p and p2p. Let me know what you guys think. @JB.Scopely


I like the idea, but for what? :man_shrugging:

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I just hate that grayed out area. Let us finish the town @JB.Scopely


We’ve been asking for two years or longer.


Im thinking the same i have sent messages asking when will we be able to upgrade the town hall but never get a straight forward reply

Exactly it drives me mad why have they got mire space shaded out if they are not going to let us use it

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Same goes for the world map stages, and look at it now. Finally got some expansion.

Pretty sure this is the wrong place to be accusing me of something.

Ok, we’ve been asking since before the last time they added Kingdom and Hilltop to the world map. Is that better?

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Yep. (7 chars)

It’ll make sense when 5* weapons are released… higher leveled armories, higher level training grounds (6*s?) , more crafting items… TH likely lvl 25

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Hopefully by that time they finally get off their duffs and release Faction Town! Instead of that we got the bugged out glitchfest that is territories that has no fix in sight.

I agree, the town is in serious need of a expansion. They could have done this a long time ago and it would have solved a lot of issues. But instead of doing that they gave us the gear depot. So hopefully soon we’ll get a town expansion. But next we need another legacy released :yum:


What would be the point of expanding the town if they don’t add new buildings? No one needs more than 2 million food or wood. I’m glad they updated the story map and removed the “coming soon” part so people stop asking for more

Let us customize our own town. No designated spots for certain areas. Also sell us some decorations like trees etc to fondle with when we’re bored. I love games like smurfs village and hay day lol. Love shuffling things around and rearranging them

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