Town Expansion Time


I have all my buildings maxed out (been like that for a year) and I was wondering when the next parts of the town was going to be open? Or are new building types being developed?

I’d like to see new buildings being made instead of making us able to gather more food and wood since I think alot of players have more than enough of this already.

I thought with the player level cap being increased that we’d see the town getting an expansion soon but that hasn’t happened and I don’t see much discussion on this topic.


It has been asked a lot, especially on the old forums. I don’t remember ever seeing an answer to it though. With the meta evolving, it seems to make sense to allow more farms, houses, training grounds, etc.


Kali did answer it once or twice, saying that a major update in the future will bring higher Building Levels along with new constructions.

I wonder if she reffers to the upcoming update where Assault is Introduced.


Honestly, I must have missed that one. That’s my fault. Ignore my previous statement. :non-potable_water:


Pfff it’s fine. It happens to the best of us.


A new building called “The Campfire” where you can burn your wood, plis.


Or one that can convert wood resources into food, or any other kind of exchange for materials. Sure, wood is useless but not THAT useless…


Yay, I wanna be able to upgrade my own Tank just like Negan, and get good perks from it.


It is that useless. And even if I need some, i can get a lot(millions) in a few seconds/minutes. Exchange for useful stuff ? No way that’s gonna happen.


I too for one would like a town expansion. I think it is about time we get one soon. I think we could all use more armories, food storage’s, farms and houses. That is all.