Town expansion / new character style


Please bear with me on this suggestion, it’s long but could be an interesting feature.

How about a new building that would unlock when a player has one of each other building in town at level 20. Once unlocked this building would act as a control panel for a 1 star ascendable character that is then given to the player. This character can be ascended all the way to legendary 6 star but there is a catch, this character can only be leveled up by usage and kills, gaining Xp for each walker or character killed. This character can be any trait (fast, strong,etc) provided each trait is researched. When a trait is being researched it blocks usage of another building within the town. For example to start using the character the player must “train” the character. This training blocks a training ground for say 15 minutes. Depending on training type the character can then use that particular weapon. At tier 1 level 10, the character would then have to have level 2 training which would then block the training ground for 30 minutes resulting in tier 2 level 1. Once the character reaches tier 2 level 20 it can then ascend to two star. Instead of tokens required for Ascension this would require a different type of training which would block different town buildings. Higher levels could even require blocking multiple buildings. This process continues until the character is a maxed 6 star level 90. No other items are required to level this character other than game usage and time training. this character can be used for any trait depending on weapon usage and completed trainings. For instance the character could have strong traits and use a sword, or alert traits and a pistol depending on the completions of training and assigned weapon type. Each training point could unlock a new skill or leadership trait with the opportunity of varied training results. this offers every player of the game a top of the line character with enough usage and game play,
This concept would be monetized through world energy refills, training coin completions, territory refills (territory Xp boosts), and overall player engagement.