Towers system need to be changed

This war has become unbearable because of these towers. You take the blue and green one ? Time out.
But it seems that towers can be taken only by people who have an excellent internet connexion and rocket Abe.
What about changing the way we take the towers ? Stronger zombies (maybe absolute defense ones), specific traits to use… So taking the tower can become a real challenge and not a “I have the fiber and RNG gave me the right character to use”

What do you think ?


My connection isn’t fast and I use Kenny an 4 burts on auto … I still take towers …:wink:


Not taking them from me! :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve tried all the tower teams that I can build and I am always outclassed.
And yeah, I spy on someone to get my tower team ready, I use mobile datas instead of WiFi and skip the stage transition every time.

Not sure who you are but I will take them all from you now!

Come and get it! :wink::wink::wink: see you soon

I’m on mobile data as well… No excuse

You aren’t getting towers against any top factions with Burt’s lol


Soooooo people you play with obviously don’t use the fastest tower teams available right now.
Tests have been made, and teams with a group hitter (Abe, blue gov) are faster than Kenny + 4 teachers (and I’m not even talking about the RNG to get some headshots here)

I have :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I seriously doubt it but ok

Aquire better tower teams or GTFO

Towers are way to defensive. End of story. How to take them has already been discussed in many threads. Always gotta be at least one who says there is no problems

They release Eric and surprise they give green/blue def towers. How about giving stop with all this def bs…it’s making the game more dull. I literally had to force myself to war this weekend and I’m always excited for war. Would be nice to see something for attack considering all the hp/heal/revive/buffed toons released.

This. I don’t know why it’s so hard to have towers with special zombies (stun, impair, ab0 or AP down). This prevents people with rocket abe teams from dominating towers all the time, especially when competing against people who live in the states who arguably have better latency most of the time.

Simple idea yet Scopely takes millions of years or are just too lazy to do, just like territory pop-ups.



I used to live in Europe and would get a tower 80-90% of the time with Mirabelle Abe. I moved to New Zealand, and despite having a fast connection the latency was such with Scopely that my game would hang for 3-5 seconds to load on each click. I was back in Europe for a month and was able to get towers perfectly again. Now I’m living in South East Asia and have the same hanging issue. It means I basically don’t bother going for towers any more because I know I won’t get it - very frustrating.

That hanging is what I feel causes people living outside the US to lose out. I’ve been to the states and warred while there and never have I had an issue. The moment I tap on attacking a tower, it immediately goes into the first wave with no waiting time.

Playing outside of the states is different. I could wait anywhere between 3-10 seconds depending on how good or bad the connection is before entering the first wave in a tower and those seconds alone, as little as it seems are really the determining factor whether you get or lose a tower.

I won’t lie, I’ve gotten towers when playing from outside US but it’s rare and 99% of the time were against lower factions. Doesn’t help when 3x auto is allowed in tower taking too :wink:

And also doesn’t help when Scopely doesn’t give a shit.

It takes 30 seconds to clear a tower. If you lose even just 2-3 seconds whilst initiating the attack you’re donezo.

Exactly my point.

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