Towers for Blitz

Does anyone have information on the towers for blitz??

Only source for that is Scopely usually


Usually it is posted by now. Thanks!!

I don’t think they tend to post it for Blitz. Used to only be CRW but they did do it for a few recent AOWs

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whats the start time

8 pm EST I think

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There will be 3 towers


Three towers for blitz is certain


On top of there being three, they will give bonuses to your teams. Is certain.

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One tower will be op to the muesum please!

As long as you can ghost them idc what they do.

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I heard the towers are:

+200% defense to strong
+300% defense to tough
+500% defense to fast

F2P everywhere on su!cide watch

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towers prolly related to what toons are on promo
one will be fast extra attack
one will be extra green def
and some random one, like def extra ap for blue


Pretty accurate guess lol

Shit towers again nice work scopley

What towers would you like?

Seems the norm now. Hp… one defend and one attack. I think they should just make the attack tower for either two traits or attack for all.

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Attack towers so it doesn’t take 4 minutes to beat every single player

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thank you, scopely very predictable

They could mix it up more…40 attack for reds, huge ap on attack for melee when attacking camps, 40 Def to yellow…so many things they could do. They are jamming green/blue tanks down our throat lol…just mixing it up is a nice change instead of copy paste from last war for most part