Tower isn’t working

For the gods’ sake, there’s one tower and it’s not working. Or rather, it’s working sporadically. It’s quite annoying. Can you fix this please?

It’s working for me but a fac mate just said it never applied for him on our last war.

Not working how? Burn can be resisted and/or cleansed before it does any damage.

There is the odd battle I go into where it hasn’t worked and I assume it’s because we lost it as I entered, then I finish the battle and come out and it turns out we still have it. Seen it in 3 battles - nothing to do with burn resist either.


The tower is working (for me anyways). and it sucks.
Hope they never do this again

Mercer clears burn on turn 1. Just a thought.

I just came back on to say that it was almost certainly Mercer that cleared burn in those 3 raids. Good thinking matey!

Nope… upgrading mercer’s AS Iis simply an error. Aarav does the job

its pretty ridiculous, 1 tower, and with how many mercers there are floating around these days, they might as well have left the tower off the map.

Seems like the only wars where the tower made a difference when we had it were wars we would have walked through the enemy teams anyway.

As hilarious as 5000 burn damage to enemy seems, at the level my faction competes it may as well not exist. Thumbs down.

i like the tower for those annoying jackie teams

That’s what’s been happening Mercer turn one aarav turn two

Also I seem to notice that it doesn’t apply periodically. I’ve noticed a in my own and on the enemies

Every so often I go into the fight and not one character has the burn applied. No burn resist mods as burn shows but does 0 damage

Another thing to point out is that the tower shield is only about 30 seconds. So by the time you are on maybe your 3rd or 4th hit, the tower is in the middle of transitioning the effect won’t be applied. This is another scenario.

You’re wrong friend, the tower’s shield lasts 1 minute, if you did not leave defense, even if it takes more than 1 minute attacking a rival team, the burn bonus will be applied equally, the only thing you should take into account is that it is only for the 2 first turns of your attack, you can do a total of 5000 burn damage.

一直显示在攻击中 但其实没有

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