Tower Ghosting...----------------------

I’m sure there has been posts about this before. If you take a tower then do NOT add a team the faction that took it, still gets the tower. I understand that team won the ‘war’ to get the tower but if you dont occupy it, it shouldn’t add the bonus to that faction. Has anyone brought this to your attention @kalishane ?

Friend, this has been there since the start of wars. A faction still holds a Stronghold due to have the work of eliminating the walkers and succeeding. That’s the point of staying with a tower for a period of time without adding any defenses.

If you find that bad, then why don’t you yourself and your faction do that? We both know Scopes won’t listen unless you give them an idea on how to have gains by taking this feature out of wars.

Can’t beat em? Join em!


Ow i know its been around since wars started. Just saying its BS, not sure anyones posted about it in a while. May as well bring it up again:0

There is a penalty for ghosting…when you have a team in a tower you get a 100 point bonus for every attack on a camp. Seems like a fair trade off for factions that choose to ghost ans those that don’t.

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No, if you have a team in a tower, the other faction gets a bonus for every attack they do against YOU. It’s actually a disadvantage to put a team in a tower, because it costs you an energy and gives your opponent bonus points.

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You guys are both right.

I thought it was this way. You get 100 extra when you Attack an opponent that has a team in a tower.

But you also get 100 extra per attack if You have a team in a tower.

So it balances out.