Tower ghosting? Old & busted. New hotness?


Territory ghosting. Sharp players can figure the process from those 2 words. Let the bitching & moaning begin. No, it’s not an exploit. It is a strategy to let little, less paid for factions get in on rewards.

And there is a cost. You don’t get the hourly Burt & token, this is a play for the Lilith, Ulysses or Benedict.


Factions pulling teams before the timer runs down and then quickly clearing walkers? Been going on for awhile. Normally by trash factions that can’t defend.
Get you and a few buddies to put the coffee on and watch the timer for an hour. Quickly grab the territory yourself and stack it high with great defences.
When these limited time territories finally end just keep booting these factions from any territory they try to hold. They’ll soon get the message.
Or if your region is dying try to come up with some sort of agreement.


In these 6☆ days no defense lasts long. Territories are being controlled by factions who can pay for energy to attack or pay for energy to refresh defenses. It’s all about the energy cost. So your plan is moot.

And just as tower ghosting pays the occasional war can, clearing walkers can drop nice things.


Boy I hope I’m doing this correctly, we’ll see…

Yes, I ghost towers, why?

  1. I regularly get war cans(for when I need them), and other pretty decent rewards as @Dandaman mentioned.

  2. Pretty much anyone’s main Raid Team is gonna beat another’s secondary tower defense team, unless your a top 3? faction member(and even then it’s not that likely if it’s #1 faction vs #3 faction… Sorry #3

  3. Ghosting towers doesn’t cost war energy! You can use that energy to attack camps more…oh I like that (:slight_smile: And multiple faction members can attack the same tower for a chance at war cans, and other rewards, even if they don’t capture the tower, again with no war energy used.

  4. Yep, makes the war last longer most of the time, but gives players that don’t coin as much as others, time to regenerate war energy, and use cans strategically, to perhaps take out a higher ranked faction. I’ve seen it happen. But on the downside it does give stronger factions that ghost, usually, an advantage over weaker factions, that don’t also ghost…it can be frustrating in that situation.


I’m not sure how this works. Say my faction has been attacking another factions territory and they had 200k in it. Once we get it down to last few hits they abandon it and it goes to walkers even though we have all put defenses in it? Is that what your talking about or is that just a bug? Because that’s been happening to my faction quite a bit recently.


I think they’re talking about the towers in war and how you can do the first initial attack and control it; to then abandon it as a timer starts for a few minutes. It remains under their control even though there’s no team in there and it can’t be attacked by opposing teams until the timer runs out.


If your opponent has put a team in it will go to them if you remove all teams.

But if the shield timer is still up, you can drop it and it will go to walkers since no one has a team in. At that point you can retake it and gain a fresh shield.


Deleted post.


You mean pull out at the last second and kill all the walkers yourself?Yes this is the more useful trick and cost less energy then trying to organize your whole team.Other dirty tricks involved letting the timers run out during a battle to buy time for your team. Not sure if you can do anything about that one :frowning:


Ok that’s what I thought but my faction has been screwed by this lately. Combat man logged it as a bug hopefully it gets fixed soon. We knocked someone with 200k out yesterday and had 50 defenses loaded in it and it went to walkers right after we took it. Such b.s…


That’s been happening for a while… Support used to refund refills every time this happened if you contacted them after it went to zombies


I asked they said nah keep surviving bruh.