Tower ghosting fix

Hey scopely there’s one way to fix tower ghosting, give the faction that captures a tower 1 min to ocupy it then reset it to walkers… I don’t know sounds reasonable… Or even this is to much to ask ur whales…


Or watch the timer and take it back, works for me


Ohhh, great idea. Even more chances to get war can drops.


Scopely says tower ghosting is perfectly fine & is game strategy. There will not be a fix for something that was never broken.


If they try to impose a fix for tower ghosting then they will probably end up breaking towers altogether or introduce some other bugs so i say leave it as is.

For everyone that complains about tower ghosting I have the solution for you.

  • Get a faster tower team
  • Learn to watch the timers
  • Stack the towers

I say let them. Last time they fooled around with them we could get unlimited energy from quickly fleeing the tower and repeating. That was a really fun war. No cans necessary! :grin:


These towers suck. Should be ghosted. Try to get free cans.

Scopley said it was not how they were designed to be used and would fix it. But that was months ago. Ghosting is the tactic of cowards.

Ghosting is a severely overrated strategy.

that was never said. quit whining and git good

That was clearly stated by people from Iugo.
The thread is long gone.
So is the idea of fixing anything.

There also was a bug with android devices where you could attack the tower you were ghosting 15 secs before the end of the timer.

Anyway, this is a lame “strategy” imho.

Players have been debating this for at least a year. It is not going to be addressed any time soon.

You can do it worse now.Find a dead faction when u battle don’t destroy them and everyone Just farm cans u just keep switching teams in and out kill zombies if they can’t kill you everyone can farm cans for an hour YAY

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