Tower Exploit? Help?

So we are versing a faction called A New World Order in Liberty, every war they use the tower cheat (also known as ‘ghosting’).
Surely this is cheating?


Massively shitty and not really fair, but that’s scopely for you!

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What exploit? What are they doing? How does it affect you? I don’t understand.

It’s perfectly fair because you can do it too. I’ve done it, but more so to farm refills rather than actually hold the tower.


Why would I want to do it? I’d rather play fair than dirty, win playing properly than using a cheat to imbalance the war.

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You say as if there isn’t a downside. If the other faction time their action properly, they can take back the tower for free without energy. Additionally, if the faction had a good defense team, they can deny the other faction and waste their energy too.

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We haven’t needed to defend the towers since we trained the walkers to do it for us. There’s no exploit, scopely already said its not an issue.

Besides its a great way to farm cans since we get them regularly when attacking an empty tower.

You just need practice in taking the towers, or your own trained walker herd.


They take a tower and then abandon it so they can retake it in the 5 min time frame. This keeps the enemy from taking for the time allowed, and by leaving it u can retake it again without having to fight wait. I’ve seen it and yeah its pretty low move but a lot of things done are so don’t expect it to change…lol have u read the forums lol

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I’m the spookiest ghost you’ll ever meet and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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You want a tissue to dry your eyes?

It’s not cheating or an exploit. Cheating is vk, an exploit was viktorgate or airplane mode.

If anything it’s easier to clear walkers than it is to clear 5 teams. Stop making excuses for sucking and keep an eye on the timer so you can take the tower and then fill it if you want. Or not. It’s a free world.


Its not a cheat, its a tactic, coordinate and adapt

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This is an interesting tactic. Just be faster when the battle begins.

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Looking at the replies, no wonder this game is rapidly going down hill…
Same player attitude as scopely, makes sense now why the hackers are still going strong.


No, that isn’t what I’m getting at.
The rewards from towers can be cans, everyone needs cans.
Points as well.

Why does everyones reply have to revolve around having a shit team… yawn.

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No one is talking about shit teams. Getting towers and ghosting has nothing to do with having a good or bad team. In regards to can drops, if anything, ghosting gives you even more opportunities to get war cans and not use energy in the process. You get a walker clearing run and a free chance at a can every 4 1/2 minutes, just keep an eye on the clock. You can even place a team if you want.

Please stop being so stubborn and rude. We have given you solid reasons why ghosting is strategy rather than cheating. To put ghosting on the same level as hacking is frankly hilarious and shows a total lack of comprehension.

But yeah, go ahead and blame anyone who doesn’t agree with you for all of the games woes.

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Do the same with critical craft succes territories then, we bought a refills and held it for week when our top faction started whining and said they will no longer do that with towers. Just coordinate and leave before hour ends and reclaim it fighting walkers.

Damn these pussies are from another region lol, my bad. Either way tower ghosting are for little girls, no offense to any actual little girl. Play their rules untill scops fix it then, no way out. Or just don’t play :slight_smile:

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Stubborn and rude? Are you reading a different chat?
As for giving more opportunities, it only gives it to the people who know how to do this, which in my eyes is… cheating.
Not playing fair is cheating, try and dress it up how you want.

Who am I blaming, jesus christ.
Sit yourself down and have a cuppa.

And as for being rude, please re-read your post…