Tower applying request please

@kalishane @CombatMan

Is there anyway in the next update you can change the display when players apply to a tower. Instead of player level, is there anyway it can say player level? Or even maybe their avatar now. Happens rarely but every so often we have a player who doesn’t apply and finding out who is quite troublesome. Thanks.

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I logged an enhancement about improving the information displayed on the applied tower teams last week or the week before based on similar feedback.


I was just going through that myself cuz half the team is 125 level I don’t know who’s who

That’s awesome! Thank you.

This would be awesome.

What would also be super handy is info on who starts the war. You can put this right into the activity feed. We have a system for starting yet there are always a few who jump the gun and search without following it. We need this information because no one ever has the courage to admit it.

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But doesn’t it already say player level?

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Good catch. Meant player name.

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