Towards DC Act VII, enemies for each stage?

Before I run off and finish this one, are these zombies or human stages? Stage one was zombies for me, I went in unprepared but made it out ok. Just wondering how the rest of it is set up.

The rest are human, and they snuck a few revives in towards the end. If you got through the walkers it should be no problem :wink:

The very last stage was 6 waves of humans. All 1 hit kills even the last wave :smile:

If you’re concerned, load up on grenades.

If you don’t skip history and READ you will see if they will face zombies or humans.

Telling you this way because I READ the first stage and it says they will face zombies, the second stage said they will face humans, I don’t know the rest because I haven’t done them yet.

every second one is stronger, u can charge up ur rush and use it at the end

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