Tournament schedule

Hi, I have slight suggestion, I think many will agree it would be helpful if you put exact starting times for all events in hourly times for at least few time zone. thanks

The time zone is us Pacific, -8 utc. Enjoy. Should be pretty easy to figure your time out.

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So you can’t calculate your time zone relative to Pacific time? You only have to do it once and then remember…

Say CST is your time zone. It is -6 utc.
Pacific time is -8 utc

Since the difference between 8 and 6 is 2, that means there is a two hour difference. And since -6 is a larger number than -8, that means CST is 2 hours ahead. ez pz

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Lol ask Google to do it for you

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PDT to EST is just add 3 hours.

10 am pdt is 1pm EST

Ok, thanks. but I cannot see exact time from which I will calculate fixture for my time zone.

OK THEN… please give a link to any place it says exact hour. I know how time zones work - but i need effing time when it starts god damn it. what so difficult to understand?

Gives the times at the bottom

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The first comment in the tournament calendar thread says times are PT

Sure they could add that under their notes section for each month to clear up the confusion but Calendar has been based on Pacific for as long as I can remember

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It has always been below the calendar. What is so difficult to understand?

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Move to California then Scopely time will be your local time, that’s what I did

what makes you think I am even from US? lol

When/where did I say you were from the US, I said you should move to California

Yeah people move to California from other countries.

It’s always in the same time zone you just have to figure out the difference for yours once

Ask shivabot on Line, it interprets start times to many timezones

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