Tournament Road

Event needs a tweak which should be as simple as adding in another level above Legendary.

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This has been said for a very long time. There solution was giving us that Nightmare SR we had a few months back. Adding a new difficulty or shifting everything so bronze becomes as hard as silver is currently and so on and then making Legendary harder than it currently is would be something they can do easily

I would even get rid of bronze and make the other levels harder. Alongside this, I would tweak the energy levels so that it takes longer to refill energy.

Maybe…S-Class Survival Road…


They already are capable of increasing the difficulty. Daily SR scaled up each day to the point level 400 is way harder than anything on legendary SR. They don’t need to go that far or to the extreme that Nightmare SR was but they can easily increase the difficulty. But as the power creep continues and more players get more Gen2 or S class toons the easier SR is

Maybe even limit the lower levels to 5* max.

Yep. Lots can be done to increase the difficulty aside from the only attempt they have made.

Just make current levels harder. Adding another level will make the tourney uncompleteable for F2P

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Man you love 5 stars, you gotta let it go…

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I’d love decent rewards from Sr :joy:

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Everyone forgets, there may actually be new players climbing the ladder.


So people ask for harder difficulty or more stages than legendary, but when nightmare SR came out, people complained that they were unable to complete it either due to difficulty or not enough energy to do it for free.

How would this be any different?

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Because it was difficult AND the end unreachable. It needed to decide whether it wanted to be endless or hard SR. Both was just pointless.

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Except, the main issue that players always end up revolving around as the underlying problem is the completion aspect. (Should have clarified this point earlier)

Even before players got to the harder nightmare stages, many were already lamenting before about not being able to finish it on regular energy. Add another stage past legendary, and we run into the same issue of players complaining that they can’t finish SR now on regular energy.

Then as some are mentioning, new players likely won’t be able to finish anything a little harder than legendary, so then we run into the same issue of players complaining about things being too difficult.

All that circles back to the whole “I must complete everything and all milestones” notion that this community gets so hard for. Even when I kept saying that nightmare looks to be designed to not be completed on mass, and that the milestones were already better for just bronze/silver, there were constant pushback about how milestones should be attainable.

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5 stars are old news. People need to take off their rose tinted glasses and move on from the 5* era. Asking for things to be 5 star only is laughable, especially with s class rolling in :rofl:

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I can only speak for my own opinion, but SR as I was building up was a good indicator of my team strength. The most important part though was that I COULD theoretically finish it. That was a driving factor. I don’t personally mind if I crash out of difficulty in… Elite 12. I’ll improve my roster, try again, get better. But only because I know I can reach the end point eventually. If they shove the end behind a paywall, then what’s the point? I don’t play to settle with completing gold.

If there’s an end point, it needs to be completeable with free energy and the difficulty should be a detemining factor. That’s been the cornerstone of SR for the 2 years it’s been in the game now and it can’t change now. As a F2P it’s these small victories and subjective completionism that keep me happy lol. If I don’t finish a 125 level SR, I feel that’s backwards progress.

If there’s not an end point, this can work too. The problem with NSR is that it was finished and it was finished with $$$. Making it look to all that it was a P2W move. Yes the milestones were better, but you crashed out Silver 15 while Spender 435 finished. Originally we both did.

As I said on my thread on NSR, you could make 3 SR tourneys, the easy auto public one, a proper Nightmare 125 level SR with rising difficulty, and an endless SR with no end point and recurring milestones that you can keep getting. The NSR we got did look a rush job, 26-50 had no crates and JB’s quote of being ‘unbeatable’ was wrong, certain categories of player did. It was trying to be 2 different things and failed at both.


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