[Tournament Road] Severely inflated Survival Points in Solo League leaderboard


I’m currently at stage 6 of the Silver road, with a score of 24,800 survival points.


I tried to check my rank but kept getting the “Mesh 100000” and “HTTP 504” error codes. When it finally loaded the information it shows me as having 62,850 survival points in the solo league leaderboard??

The score shown on the “global” leaderboard is correct:

I checked other players from my region who are in the same league, and identified at least 2 who are also affected, but my case is definitely the worst. One player has 15,000 points but shows up as having 15,850 in the league. Another one has 6,800 points but in the league appears as having 14,100.

This is concerning because it puts players at risk of being unfairly reported as cheaters. I’m now afraid to continue making progress in the tournament, but I also don’t want to stay behind because of an error that I’m not responsible for!

@GR.Scopely @TayTron @ForumAdmin
Could the problem be related to the errors we keep getting? Please fix the scores as soon as possible.

I searched the forum and the exact same thing happened to another player a few months ago, but no one from Scopely replied and of course the topic got buried and forgotten:


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The game is giving you more points than you actually had.

The bank made an error in your favor. Ignore the 200 dollars and complain on the forum.

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I know it’s in my favour, but it’s still an error and should be fixed, because in this case one player’s gain is another player’s loss.

If I reach #1, I want to do it with my real score not with an inflated score.

But, since I already informed Scopely about it, I’m going to continue playing, even though it’s not fair to the 2 people currently above me (who, by the way, are in my region and have their correct scores displayed).


Bravo for your honesty. That should always be commended.

Same thing happened to me. I finished legendary 25 and got hung up with errors trying to load the leaderboard. It finally loaded and i had 3 different scores. The 2 on the global leaderboard have corrected themselves. But the league leaderboard shows i have over 900k!

I messaged support right after too. But it’s comforting to know I’m not the only one. Lol. Hopefully they’ll fix it sooner since its happening to others as well.

Shite rewards for something that takes 10x as long as any other event

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so when scop ask for in-game survey, would you fill in for free (given the track record of scop’s product)? if giving you 5000 gold tokens and 50 blue keys would you fill the in-game survey regardless?

when house give you the edge, take it

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I’m also seeing a point discrepancy, it shows I have 420,980 on the SR map display but on the global leaderboard it shows 431,310.
I also had the same issue the other night with the MESH 100,000 error.

@GR.Scopely @TayTron @ForumAdmin

Will the discrepancies in the scores for this tournament be fixed or not? Regardless, it would be great if you could look into the problem so that it doesn’t happen again in the future.


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