Tournament of Champions - Round 3 Winners and Update [Aug 12]

yeah good luck with that “Impair on attack” took me one month non-stop running both armories to get one double attack special :joy:

Stupid RNG ruining the game! He’s a toon who got to be made useful with the help of RNG dependant weapon upgrades. That’s the worst thing about all this.

Ik im running double atk got it last week :joy: i meaan i barely play this game anymore so plenty of time to fail crafts.


top 2 get the badge…damn why not 6?we fought hard to be in finals…dont be too greedy scopely​:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:


Nooo noo you get no shiny badge

Dumbest event ever… rewards in any event … increased by 1000% wouldn’t be equal to some of the back in the day rewards for war. A badge for all players in the region? That says what? That you happened to be in a faction that won a tournament … nevermind if you actually help win it or not … a tournament that will carry an * with it saying you won a tournament that was adjusted so scopley could have the factions they wanted fighting in the finals? … yep dumbest event ever

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Badge should be in the tournament milestones.


you’re right…

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