Tournament of Champions - Round 3 Winners and Update [Aug 12]

Greetings Survivors,

Thank you to all the regions and factions who participated in Round 3 of the Tournament of Champions. After a hard fought War, congratulations to all the winning regions that will move on to the Finals:

Group A/B Winners

  • Chambers
  • Forsyth

Group C/D Winners

  • Lee
  • Habersham

Wildcard Winners

  • Bell
  • Rockdale

The above six winning regions of Round 3 will now have a 75% increase in some Milestone Rewards (read here for Milestone Reward details) until the end of the Finals (Aug 25th).

Final Round Details

The Finals of the Tournament of Champions will be held on Saturday, August 24th. Once completed, only one region will stand alone as the winner of the Tournament of Champions.

A few details on the rewards for the Finals:

  • The winning region will claim a 100% increase in some milestone rewards (8/26 - 9/1).
  • All players in the first and second place regions will get exclusive avatar badges.

Good luck to all regions in the Finals!

The war of rulechange works wonder once again


im off to the finals bois!!!

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There I fixed that for u


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75% increase? This weeks Levelup has 3 Liliths in the milestones, 2-3 weeks ago, it was 5 of those. Seems the maths are off.


@Haze your attempts failed

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So instead of commenting on what people think of Sergio, people wanting a buff for Romanov, or the issues in beta, y’all just completely avoid it and post something that doesn’t need to be posted right now.


Damn, that’s really true right here, wonder why it’s fl@gged lol

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All regions that make it through to each round will get a % increase in all event milestone.

That’s what they have in their first post about Toc. Just give people balloons, it’s a god damn sergio it’s really not a big deal


autofl@gged due to this i guess

Scopes you have screwed.all factions on round 2 that not came in the wildcard so you can bring the big spenders to play again in the next round even the hole structure of this event is fraud from start til end it wil be the most worst event in wars to bring fraud in to the game because you can collect more money because thats where you guys only think of @gr.scopely


This whole event was a joke.


Its like scopely is pushing people to go #playersunited on purpose lol every day, every event, every toon, etc just seems to be making more want to quit or go f2p, their loss i guess. Honestly i am glad you all did this TOC, you got the whales to stand together for a common goal and have lost some of your biggest spenders, im sure a bunch at scopely went uh oh lol but instead of trying to right the wrongs you all keep digging and i just dont understand lol


Pryia coming soon or another op toon before that war, remember i said this.:wink:


I see your point about the losers bracket but in all fairness the only factions affected by the losers bracket are the factions that will face Bell and Rockdale in the final. The losers bracket didn’t eliminate you from the tournament did they?

Regardless… this whole event has been so miserable and it got even more miserable with the anniversary event being released. I don’t need 75 percent more league tokens. Such an embarrassment that I can’t believe they don’t even realize how they come off.

Funny how there is no wildcard from round 3 any other competition would of :joy: good one @JB.Scopely @ForumAdmin

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Yup and she will be rhe new meta attack toon and most likely a counter to payback/bide and will be the true test of how united the player base is but honestly can these players not control themselves? Its number 1 region not faction lol that need to be number 1 is insane