Tournament of Champions - Round 3 - Saturday 08/10 - 08/11 / 5pm PST- Sunday 5pm PST ⚔

Greetings Champions,

Rally your Faction and join the battle for round 3!

Battle against other Factions in the War & top the ranks for valuable rewards!


  • Starts: Saturday 5pm 08/10
  • Ends: Sunday 5pm 08/11
  • Map: Alexandria
  • Matchmaking: 6v6


  • Infirmary
    • :tough: Though team members gain +40 CRIT when attacking camps and strongholds
  • Armory:
    • :strong: team members receive a medium bonus to AP when attacking camps and strongholds
  • Watchtower:
    • :alert: team members gain +20% ATK when attacking camps and strongholds


Rank Rewards 1 2 3
1 5500 Summer Token 10 Lilith & 8 Ulysses 1 Gear Bag
2 5000 Summer Token 6 Lilith & 5 Ulysses 1 Gear Bag
3 4500 Summer Token 6 Lilith & 5 Ulysses 1 Gear Bag
4 4000 Summer Token 5 Lilith & 5 Ulysses 1 Gear Bag
5 3500 Summer Token 5 Lilith & 5 Ulysses 1 Gear Bag
6-10 3000 Summer Token 4 Lilith & 4 Ulysses 1 Gear Bag
11-20 2000 Summer Token 4 Lilith & 4 Ulysses 1 Gear Bag
21-30 1500 Summer Token 2 Lilith & 2 Ulysses 1 Gear Bag
31-40 1000 Summer Token 1 Lilith & 1 Ulysses 1 Gear Bag
41-50 500 Summer Token 50/50 Lilith or Ulysses 1 Gear Bag


Milestones 1 2 3
1000 2 Trainer Crates 1 Bronze Mod 30 Orange Balloons
5000 2 Trainer Crates 2 Bronze Mods 60 Orange Balloons
10000 2 Trainer Crates 2 Silver Mods 150 Orange Balloons
50000 2 Epic Trainers 3 Silver Mods 150 Orange Balloons
100000 2 Universal Trait Trainers 3 Gold Mods 200 Orange Balloons
200000 2 Legendary Trainers 4 Gold Mods 300 Orange Balloons

Event of Russian cheaters reee

5 and a half pulls on the Summer tokens wheel as 1st place reward?

These TOC ‘rewards’ have been so laughably bad and you had the audacity to call them ‘blazing hot’… conveniently left out the word garbage after hot which I and many others would feel is more accurate.


They either truly believe these are good rewards (which shows how disconnected they are from the game) or they don’t care and know no matter what they set as rewards people will always battle hard for 1st

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What a joke these rewards are lol

And they still maintain the 6 person Q 24 hour duration and 200k milestone lol


even if you grind your thumbs off and hit that 200k in the 24 hours you will fall short of the 1000 orange balloons needed for the mr rng toon

thank God I’m not in toc
fac raid, 1 hour and I’m good lolz

I have to beg people to war for this crap. The winner has a 2.5% chance at most likely a yellow Kal? What are you folks smoking?

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Change rewards like you changed Jessie. There’s a literal war token wheel up and for war we’re not even getting war tokens, most likely the winner is gonna do their pulls and end up getting enough tokens for a 5* token pull

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Come on guys. Do better. Actually I don’t even know what better would be. Tired of the war wheel already. This is just sad.

And you took out the gps and canteen. Instead of taking out the horrible trainer bags. It never gets old.

so round 2 losers cant join the loser bracket? whats fair in this?

Yay no gps or canteen! But but we got enough balloons for 9/10 of a pull.

This shit is just a joke at this point. War wheel sucks, here’s an even worse summer token wheel. Jesse buff, romanov a waste of time designing…the list is never ending.


Balloons should be for the first 4 milestones with atleast 1000 total awarded to allow a stash open - hitting 100k in 6v6 24 hour war is tough for many players let alone 200k

Rewards are hardly worth the effort - looking forward to getting a few more toy dogs to get a dupe 3rd Romanov :frowning:

Ty jesus for disqualification :pray::joy:


The prize could be -500 coins for first and people would still war like crazy and coin/spend to get there.

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where are these blazing hot rewards we were promised for entering?

Blazing hot lie more like


So since the start of toc we were told of the rewards being better as your region progressed. There was a promise to the players. It’s now the 4th year anniversary and what have has scopley done in all that time?
Only to continue the same :poop: you’ve been doing. Keep releasing promos, release :poop: ftp toons, add museum collection after museum collection, lower the odds to obtain the promo, add an anniversary :poop: toon if you grind, worse rewards as you progress in toc, have an update without anything in it from your promise. Am I missing anything else? I’m sure I am since there is much to mention. These are things that scopley has done since toc. They don’t ever look back and only stay the course. Scopley keeps showing us every day how they really feel about its players.


So true .