Tournament of Champions - Round 2 - Saturday 07/27 - 07/28 / 5pm PST- Sunday 5pm PST

Greetings Champions,

Rally your Faction and join the battle for round 2!

Battle against other Factions in the War & top the ranks for valuable rewards!


  • Starts: Saturday 5pm 07/27
  • Ends: Sunday 5pm 07/28
  • Map: Alexandria
  • Matchmaking: 6v6


  • Watchtower
    • :alert: team members gain 40 Crit when attacking camps and strongholds.
  • Armory
    • :fast: team members receive a medium bonus to AP when attacking camps and strongholds.
  • Infirmary
    • :tough: team members gain +20% ATK when attacking camps and strongholds.


Rank Rewards 1 2 3
1 3800 WD Token 10 Lilith & 8 Ulysses 1 Gear Bag
2 3000 WD Token 6 Lilith & 5 Ulysses 1 Gear Bag
3 2500 WD Token 6 Lilith & 5 Ulysses 1 Gear Bag
4 1800 WD Token 5 Lilith & 5 Ulysses 1 Gear Bag
5 1600 WD Token 5 Lilith & 5 Ulysses 1 Gear Bag
6-10 1300 WD Token 4 Lilith & 4 Ulysses 1 Gear Bag
11-20 1000 WD Token 4 Lilith & 4 Ulysses 1 Gear Bag
21-30 750 WD Token 2 Lilith & 2 Ulysses 1 Gear Bag
31-40 500 WD Token 1 Lilith & 1 Ulysses 1 Gear Bag
41-50 400 WD Token 50/50 Lilith or Ulysses 1 Gear Bag


Milestones 1 2 3
1000 2 Trainer Crates 1 Bronze Mod 25 000 Mod Scrap
5000 2 Trainer Crates 2 Bronze Mods 50 000 Mod Scrap
10000 2 Trainer Crates 2 Silver Mods 1 Military Watch
50000 2 Epic Trainers 3 Silver Mods 1 Hand Crank Radio
100000 2 Universal Trait Trainers 3 Gold Mods 1 Canteen
200000 2 Legendary Trainers 4 Gold Mods 1 GPS

Best of luck and have a great weekend! :zombie:


WD tokens again? You know these are worthless, I feel bad for those in toc lol


Just i thought but with 4 regions there will be more then 50 facs. @GR.Scopely


Bloody shirt only for 51st and lower.


Starts at 5pm for everyone? Or will half of use be stuck outside like last week?

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Wouldn’t mind the 3 hour delay again :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

Those milestones should be reworked these days 200k for 24 hours more like 12 hours playing if you have no real life. Plus they seem to be worthless… i mean two legandary trainers for 200k im sitting right now on +600 benes. Also 4 gold mods wow even hordes had better milestones. And wd tokens as final reward… yeah!

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Yep that does it for me, another big event pushed out with same copy pasta rewards that are horrible. Toc get a chance at pulling a toon? A chance? Thats the value your giving to the majority of your top customers? All while knowing theres already been complaints? Was so excited to see playersunited and scopley responding but for what? To continue the same cycle? Ill just keep watching this thing burn down. Good luck to those still trapped.


Look at those :fire: rewards! Woooo lol

You all know what to do

#playersunited :fist:


Bad enough not being war tokens but 200k milestones come on @JB.Scopely it’s should be 100k considering it’s 24 hours


This event should be for the winning regions only. The regions that lost should not be able to get back in.

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Yes I’m sure most will. Same old trash rewards, gonna take it easy this weekend :wink:


If they wont throw toc factions a bone one events in this current state what could possibly make anyone think theyre taking this playersunited thing seriously with how they continue the same actions all while acknowledging the current issues, it shouldnt take as much time to revamp rewards or start to make small changes as it does to say create a whole new promo with a corresponding museum collection. At this point your insulting the intelligence of this community, which also isnt a first. Same scopely same actions taken same reason why the games declining with no sight of salvation.


Correct. Previous rewards were worth playing for. Now it’s basic stuff to avoid giving players too much for free.

shamplay wants to make us pay.


Uhm… What ever happened to the “blazing rewards” you guys have promised?



8 region war. only 20 factions even get a pull, 50 get a prize… wow scopely giving worst and worst prizes…


Ummmm they are the same shit rewards as last time. Not sure why anyone is surprised lol.

Only rewarding top 50 faction placements is sad for the 4 region matchups on winners bracket, let alone 8 region matchups on losers brackets.

Terrible times and terrible rewards. Where are the :fire: “blazing hot reward”? These rewards are even worse then a solo lvl up.


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