Tournament of champions cheaters

Scopley refuse to punish cheaters as long as they are spenders. I posted a few paragraphs explaining cheating that happened during this tournament of champions especially on the Lee region where I currently play in one of the top two factions. For reasons of being booted or ban I will not mention my in game name. Madison region is better region having they have more active top factions and were scoring point at alarming rate compared to us who plays on Lee. Lee only have two top factions in Endgame and we teach fear compared to Madison who have at least 5 top factions to score. (Sicarios, product of insanity, capsule Corp, soul eaters, deadly syndicate). Endgame being there usaual self beating everyone and we teach fear going almost undefeated. Isn’t able to beat Madison who had a 700k lead over Lee with less than 10hours left. To try to gain ground on Madison the top factions on Lee convinced all the smaller factions not to que and to let the top 2 factions of Lee try to gain ground, as most of Madison factions couldn’t beat endgame and we teach fear. After realizing that the two factions couldn’t score enough points cause Madison learned of what Lee region was doing on que to gain ground they stopped warring cause they had the lead. Once again my faction and other other factions on Lee came up the plan to create some factions with 6 players in each on Madison to que and get easy points at a fast rate and not fighting Madison to factions. If scopley check all accounts created on july 14,2019 they will find all the evidence they need for Lee greats cheaters. I play on Lee but after realizing how other major factions like abusement park took there exit on fair scale we of Lee should have gone Home. But Lee has too many spenders to be disqualified.
Here’s a start look at when this account was created

There are many more of these accounts that popped on Madison during toc just so Lee could score easily after Madison factions stop warring

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A potential solution to this is only allow one account to participate in war in the ToC regions. It won’t stop people from creating accounts on other devices, but would make it significantly harder for this exploit to be implemented.

Alternatively, raise the level required to play in the ToC regions, say 40-50 would help end all the nonsense.



Wow Madison players are going to real lows.
Now starting forum accounts pretending to be in EG.


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Don’t make an account and pretend to be in endgame lol. Just take the L and move on, you can thank Ap for giving you a second chance


That would have solved that issue. Too bad Scopely didn’t think of that. You would think they learned after coingate.


Look at you all distracted at the real issues at hand and divided lolololol you have all already lost, get laughed at when you win TOC, not admired. :clown_face:

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Why be upset Madison you’re back in the tourney and next week when you get eliminated again maybe just maybe certain other factions will get eliminated and you’ll be put back in the Tournament of 2nd 3rd 4th 5th and 6th Chances.


Facts ^^^^
Pun intended

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That’s why i changed my name to facts because thats all i speak


I totally with you bud. There’s been a lot of cheating going on in this tournament and scopley won’t disqualify those region because they spend a lot more $$$$ than all other region so they can stay on top. From what I’ve heard and seem Lee with endgame is one of the major cheaters. Ap took the lost like a champ so other regions can grow. A region with only one our two top factions can’t with toc. Top factions creating fake acounts to win against more active regions that’s just bullshit on scopley’s part. Accounts created on the exact day of toc just to Q for war. Every player should be locked to one region during the second stage and also disqualify cheaters from round 1. Accounts like this is bull**** create on the exact same day of tournament

Lmao, I find this whole thing hysterical. Everyone pointing fingers and throwing shade for no reason whatsoever. Weather you agree or not, participated or not, the bottom line is none of this is actually “cheating “ if it doesn’t violate Scopely’s TOS. It was a horribly designed event from the start that left itself wide open to be exploited and players on all sides resorted to tactics or strategies that some may have felt were unfair or underhanded, but life ain’t fair and neither is this game so get over it and move on ffs. It’s just another part of Scopely’s master plan to alienate players and get them to quit so they can sunset the game without so much backlash.


I’m in Madison and after facing the same 2 factions for the first 12 hours of war, but one more than the other I quit signing up for it and refused to play. I logged on and started crafts and did things like any other day and gave it no attention. As far as I’m concerned I don’t want to be a part of it, and yeah the amount of new accounts created that day did rise because they where even in global and admitted they where coming over to feed themselves

Obviously you can’t read

Obviously you cant actually :joy::joy:


This guy joining the forum and putting he is in EG, just to throw shade is pretty funny. And sad for Madison.

You guys need to thank your lucky stars AP lost and move on with the chance Scopely gave all the losing regions.

Oh yeah. I’m sure everyone is just thrilled to put up with this nonsense event again. And seriously. Still with the AP hate?

No hate at AP at all!

The only people that should truly be pissed at this point is the first 8 regions that aren’t getting a 2nd chance.

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I agree with that. Technically they didn’t even get a first chance. Excluded without an explanation :-1:t2:


Hold on. I responded to this already.

Right from the start of the event.

I look forward to seeing this posted repeated. Yet again.

These tears of Madison continue to taste better with age. Truly like a fine wine.



The region we beat racked up 1 million in baby faction scores… and we still beat them. I mean stopping as a region isn’t much better either.

Bottom line, everyone just needs to let go of the first round. Scopely, for whatever reason you want to believe, has admitted that there were many problems with the tournament they created and have tried to at least rectify it. Let’s just move on already.

You obviously not read the terms and conditions that well :joy: exploits of the game mechanics is not just underhanded it is a violation