Tournament Leaderboard?


I was thinking - the prizes for all the tournaments have been tolerable, at best. More often than not, they have been disappointing.

What if each region had a monthly “Tournament Leaderboard” where points based on each player’s placements in each tourney is added to the monthly Leaderboard, which would payout the big time prizes?

Example - 1st place finish in the SR tourney = 5 Leaderboard points
2nd place = 3 Leaderboard points
3rd place = 2 Leaderboard points

And the same would happen for level up, raid and other tournies.
Faction tournies could give everyone points as well, just a lower amount

Idk - just looking for something new to minimize the monotony and add some excitement :slight_smile:


Nah that would show how lazy players are and we’d never let them into the #1 fac… most of us probably be kicked too lol