Tournament Calendar Updates [10/09]

Hello everyone,

For visibility, I have made 2 updates to the ⚔️ Tournament Calendar in that:

  • Faction Level Up has been changed to Solo Level Up
  • Faction Raid has been changed to Solo Raid

Note that Date and time will remain unchanged and only the type of the actual event is affected.

The current ⚔️ Tournament Calendar has been changed and you can find the latest version by following the link.



Thank you

Thanks. I hope next week we have solo due to region transfers

Ah cool, thanks for letting us know in advance. Sweet As

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Solo wars good times. Good thanking.

See if you didn’t have windows this wouldn’t be necessary. Just sayin…


Boooooo. Missing out on some faction cones. This change sucks!!!


Hurray the same faction members getting the collection items every needs.


@GR.Scopely thanks GR. Just a small note, there’s a small error in the calendar image though, the last bit still shows faction raid

@blackmeow - No problem! Thanks for the feedback - I have removed the error :slight_smile:


Hopefully the rewards are worth it this time

@GR.Scopely since you guys took out the faction events which means less collectibles up for grabs, how about you give us some collectible choiceboxes in milestones? This top 3 in solo getting collectibles is such a joke.


They had wars when you didnt need to be in a faction?

Phew glad they fixed that I would be really confused.

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Boring… but on a positive note… another week goes by that I feel thankful I kicked my spending habit. #bucket0

Seems as if you guys want to keep players short of obtaining needed collectibles for s/class toons.


Appreciate the comm’s @GR.Scopely🤗

Could you explain to me in what time zone are the schedules of the events?

Pacific timezone