Tournament Calendar still not updated

Usually by midweek you can see what the events and prizes are for next week, and here we are over halfway through Saturday and nothing yet. Pretty weird, hope it’s worth the anticipation.

It was posted on discord the other day


Awesome, thank you.

No problem

Awesome as somebody willing to share the info…

Not awesome for Scopely to take a dump on the forums and post info on the other place only… especially when they have ToS that prevent you from posting screenshots from that other place here…

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I think Walker must be on Holiday

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Lol it’s catching on

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There’s no graphic this week, either, which is another clue :slightly_smiling_face:

If I get some time later I’ll update it (the calendar not the graphic)

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Is it just my eyes? Or does it say we have another faction level up tomorrow?

And another after that!

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Booo on that!

hordesssssss woo hoo

Interesting to see how hordes will be after this s class era.

Tex was out, that was my bad! Thank you for posting it @Aries123


And btw, I’m looking for someone to give me a hand with Carol bot on line.