Tournament bonuses

Where abouts do we get to see what kind of bonuses for events relevant to our position in the Toc? Am i missing something, I remember hearing about the boosts but dont see any real differences?
(so far progressed through successfully each qualifiers)

Should see it in the solo nightmare Sr and solo level up later this week. Apparently, they don’t apply to CRW. They added the word “some” to the post this week.

Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t apply to Nightmare SR as they didn’t apply to hordes last week. I would not be a happy camper if we got ONE tournament this week with boosted rewards.

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

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Want a box of tissues? Wipe your tears?

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Thanks for the update, aslong as im not the only one missing it, but id assume being this deep in the tournament, we would notice a difference.

Just what was promised to us if thats not too much to ask

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